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We are accepting eFlyer 2 and 4 deposits. Secure your place in the line now, over 700 planes ordered!

This is how you get your reservation:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. We will return you a contract for you to sign
  3. Pay your deposit as instructed in the contract
  4. You will receive a confirmation, your reservation number, and assigned delivery position

Shipping is expected to start in 2022 for eFlyer 2, and 2023 for eFlyer 4.
Outside the US it will vary depending on your region.

    Reservation request for:
    eFlyer 4:
    eFlyer 2:
    I agree to the Privacy policy and Terms & conditions (below)


    1. Agreement and Delivery Position:  This Agreement and Buyer’s Delivery Position shall be effective when this Agreement is signed by both parties and Company receives and accepts Buyer’s Total Deposit.  This Agreement only secures an offered delivery position, it does not obligate Buyer to purchase an aircraft.
    2. Estimated Base Model Purchase Price:  The Estimated Base Model Prices are fixed in Jan 2018 dollars, and will be adjusted in the Purchase Agreement by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the date of this Agreement.  For example, if the CPI for 12 months was 2%, the adjusted Base Model Price would be ($349,000 x 1.02) = $355,980.
    3. Base Model – Aircraft Features:  The Company anticipates the Base Models will include the basic requirements for: [eFlyer 2 – VFR flight] [eFlyer 4 – IFR flight.]  Details may be changed at any time.
    4. Deposit for Delivery Position:  The Total Deposit is due upon signing and shall be applied toward the aircraft final purchase price.  This deposit is (i) non-refundable, (ii) does not earn interest, and (iii) will not be escrowed.
    5. Deposit Refund:  If the final Base Model Purchase Price offered to Buyer in the Purchase Agreement exceeds the CPI-adjusted final purchase price by more than 15%, Buyer may receive a refund of Buyer’s Total Deposit.
    6. Future Purchase Agreement:  Approximately 12 months prior to estimated aircraft delivery date, Company will offer Buyer a formal Purchase Agreement detailing Buyer’s chosen aircraft options and final purchase price. To retain this delivery position, Buyer must execute the offered Purchase Agreement within 30 days of receipt.
    7. Deposit for Purchase Agreement:  Buyer shall pay Company a second non-refundable deposit of approximately 20% of the final purchase price due upon signing the Purchase Agreement.
    8. No Representation on Date of Aircraft Certification:  The Company makes no representation regarding whether the aircraft will receive FAA Type certification, the date of aircraft certification, or date of delivery.
    9. Delivery Location:  The Estimated Base Model Price is based on delivery FOB Englewood, Colorado or other Company manufacturing location.  Deliveries outside the U.S. will create additional costs.
    10. Assignment:  Buyer may not assign this Agreement without the Company’s written consent.  The Company may assign this Agreement as part of a change of control, acquisition, divesture, or other material corporate event.
    11. Governing law:  This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Colorado in a proper court in Denver, Colorado.